MEC by Smart Edge

Edge computing made powerful., made secure., made easy.

What is MEC?

A powerful cloud at the edge of the network

MEC stands for Multi-Access Edge Computing. MEC decentralizes networks and allows any enterprise or mobile operator to place a cloud at the edge adjacent to the user.

One Hop from the User

MEC puts applications one hop from the user, reducing latency and improving user experience.

Decentralize the Cloud

Each MEC appliance enables applications to be deployed across the network instead of being run in the data center.

Intelligence at the Edge

MEC provides analytics, caching, computation and traffic routing at the edge, resulting in a far more intelligent and extensible network.

Robust API

The MEC platform introduces a API which allows dynamic management of the MEC cloud and it empowers application developers to leverage information about the user persona.

Microservices That Work

The MEC ecosystem is built upon microservices, which means scalability and low-impact introduction of new features into the environment.

Security Focused

Encryption, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation are inherent to the platform. We extensively use asymmetric keys and TLS mutual authentication for all aspects of communication.

About Smart Edge

Introducing the next evolution in decentralized cloud computing

Smart Edge was started two years ago with a goal of making MEC, a cutting edge standard in mobile communications, a reality.

The MEC Controller and MEC Appliance by Smart Edge are an all-in-one hardware and software solution to decentralize the network and the cloud, enabling computation at the edge of the network.

With our go-to-market partners, enterprises and mobile operators can be sure that our product will deliver a scalable, secure and resilient platform.

Smart Edge is excited to be disrupting the communications world with the next generation in computation at the edge.

Case Studies

Keeps Retailers Competitive with Its MEC Solution
Captures the Value of the Edge for Mobile Network Operators
Drives New Revenue for the MNO Enterprise Business


Interested in finding out how MEC by Smart Edge can revolutionize your enterprise cloud? Reach out to us! We have active deployments of MEC in the field, and would love to discuss use cases that fit in to your enterprise.

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